Redefine Your Recruitment, Attract the Best Talent

Turbo Talent Empowers You and Your Business to Discover and Attract the Best Talent – Your Vision, Your Voice, Your Brand, through an Absurdly Simple, yet Incredibly Powerful Recruiting Ecosystem.

Our Value in numbers


Publish an opening from start to finish. It really is that easy.


Fully customizable assessments to filter only relevant talent


Build your employer brand and attract your ideal candidates.


Best in class AI powered tools and workflows.

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AI Powered ecosystem to supercharge your recruitment

Brand yourself, Be discovered by candidates, communicate and collaborate across the recruitment process and most importantly SELL YOUR VISION to your ideal candidates.

Meet Turbot

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Need a JD ready in thirty seconds? Need to communicate with candidates? Need to assess a candidate profile? Turbot takes care of it for you.

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Instant Branding

Turbot understands your organizational context and needs. It establishes your brand as a combination of your needs, market realities and your organizational identity.

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Seamless Communication

Emails, In-app messaging, WhatsApp reminders, Scheduling with Google and Microsoft Calendar integration. Everything, seamless, generative and automated.

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One Click Profile Assessments

No time to assess candidates in detail, click once and watch turbot do its magic. Hard skills, Soft skills, Org fit, achievements, the assessment happens in seconds.

What makes Turbo Talent special

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We reduce cost to hire: It is estimated that average cost per hire is $4,425 in the USA and estimated to be between 50 - 60% of an employee’s salary in India. We can cut it down by 90%.
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We reduce time to hire: Average end-to-end hiring time in the US is 42 days, in India, it is 58 days. With Turbo Talent, and its buttery smooth workflows, you can cut down to as little as one week.
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We give you more matches: 76% percent of hiring managers admit attracting the right job candidates is their greatest challenge. Turbo Talent increases your relevant profiles by as much as 300%

See what users say about our job platform

"Turbo Talent and its AI assistant Turbot made my recruitment effortless. It helped me find the most relevant candidates for me."

Praful Bhaweja - Entreprenuer
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"Turbo Talent helped me hire my engineering team with ease. Its intuitive interface made the candidate search process a breeze. "

Gauri Saju - Recruiter
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